What all subcontractors receive buy singing a contract?

Subcontractors buy signing contract receive seed protection, technical assistance and advice of our experts.

In what way can become a subcontractor Sladorana?

Subcontractor can become with  a singing of the contract.

Can protein powder be used for human consumption?

No, protein powder is intended solely for feeding livestock.

What is denatured alcohol?

Alcohol which is added for denaturing in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia to become alcohol free of excise duty and so could not be used in products for human consumption.

What is the difference between refined and technical ethyl alcohol?

Refined alcohol for human use - strong alcoholic drinks, fruit pulping, food and chemical industries.

Technical alcohol used for degreasing, etc.

What is the difference between molasses and sladoliqa?

Molasses is a little thicker and submit changes in temperature.

Why not sell molasses?

Molasses is the base for the production of ethyl alcohol and sladoliqa.

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