Dry sugar beet

Suhi rezanac šećerne repe Suhi rezanac šećerne repe
Sugar beet is one of the most popular ingredients in our local farmers it has for many years in the cattle feeding.
He is a quick source of energy with a high digestibility (85%). Dry sugar beet in the process of getting the first production of sugar extraction (leaching) of sweet pulp, and then pressing and drying.
It is intended for feeding livestock, especially ruminants. If given as a self-feed, before you use it is necessary to soak in water. Otherwise, sudden swelling, but the esophagus, which in severe cases can lead to death of animals. Below is a table of the highest percentage share of food.
PIGS Fattening and breeding 15%
Gestation 25%
Lactation 20%
Young cows 60-100 kg 10%
to 150 kg 20%
Fattening 40%
Dairy cows 30%
Ships 50%
Lamb 20%
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