Sladoliq - jedino domaće dopunsko tekuće krmivo. Sladoliq - jedino domaće dopunsko tekuće krmivo.


Sladoliq the additional liquid molasses-based feed for cows in lactation period, which in many ways a beneficial effect on the body of ruminants.
Continued use, improves Sladoliq and its fermentation conditions in the rumen by supplying the body with energy and protein and by increasing the synthesis of proteins which beneficial effect on the quality and composition of milk.
This supplemental feed is not reserved exclusively for large farms that use modern methods of food, but less profitable for farmers that his cows cannot afford high-sophisticated methods Food and breeders of sheep and goats in milk production.

Experience in using a Sladoliq:
Agrokor farm Popovac (2009.) – applying 1kg Sladoliq milk production increased by 1.5 to 2 liters, while the milk fat increased by 1%.

Farm Mladost in Jabučki rit (2011.) – introduction Sladoliq the average daily consumption of cows milk production per cow has increased by 2.5 to 3 liters which is approximately 1,000 liters per head annually.

Sheep farm Špin Agrolaguna d.d. ( 2011) Sladoliq application in feeding sheep and Istrian and Friesian breed was 7% higher milk production, better quality and better energy status.

Biological effects of feeding

Microbes in the rumen easily fermented carbohydrates (especially sugar) found in Sladoliq that improve the taste and ingredients, exploiting a readily available source of energy, which significantly increases their activity. Other, for the rumen microflora essential substances contained in the product allows rapid multiplication of microbes in the rumen..

Sladoliq improves:
  • - The supply of protein in the feeding of cattle
  • - Increases protein synthesis host organism
  • - Production of amino acids (methionine) of the microbes that can limit milk production

Values of molasses

  • - 10-20% molasses good for older cows
  • -6% molasses in the diet with 60% concentrate, reduced milk yield and fat
  • -Molasses is a source of glucose by the brain, nerves calves
  • -Molasses increases food intake, weight gain and rumen papillae growth of 6%
  • -Molasses to 20% in the intensive fattening cattle replaced grains
  • -Molasses 50% of the energy source of the rough cabin
  • -Palatability -edibility
  • -Physical properties and the processing
  • -Medical eligibility
  • -The impact on the quality of animal products
  • -Increases taking tasteless and bad food
  • -Reduces dusty meals
  • -Bracket distasteful supplements
  • -Mounts and medicinal active substances

In Western countries with developed cattle molasses is used in animal nutrition since 1890 . Today, 60% molasses produced in the world goes to animal feed, while here the percentage was negligible.

Sladorana d.d. Has produced SLADILIQ only local additional liquid molasses-based feed for cows in lactation period, a favorable effect on sheep and goats.

Sladorana d.d. Županja is one of the three Croatian sugar producers and a leading protein powder, and sugar beet pulp is very important in the diet of cattle.

Method of application and dosage Sladoliq

After homogenization of the previous product, we recommend voluminously poured Sladoliq feed or mix it in the same feed.

Method of application:
Large manufacturers – Dosage in TMR trailers
Small producers - Spilling the voluminous forage

Sequential feeding - 0.5 kg per meal (1kg Sladoliqa / animal / day)
Multiple feeds - from 0.3 to 0.4 kg per meal (1.2 to 1.6 kg Sladoliqa / animal / day)
In the case of other ruminants (sheep and goats) daily recommended dose is 0.2 to 0.3 kg per 100 kg body weight.

Shelf life: 3 months from date of manufacture
Manipulative product is provided at temperatures from -20°C to 30°C


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Sladoliq - jedino domaće dopunsko tekuće krmivo
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