History of Sladorana d.d Županja

Županja people are always related to the earth with love and respect, thus returning their country a service, giving them a wealth of fruit such as sugar beets from which the premium processing occurs "Sladonija" sugar - a little daily satisfaction that conveys the real essence of Županja, love, warmth and richness. Factory for the production of sugar Sladorana d.d. has started to work on 15 August 1947, designed by the Czech company ČHD-Škoda by project of Dedek-Plašetko, and the equipment installed in the factory and first fired are Škoda. The initial sugar beet processing capacity was 1350 tons per day and by ongoing investment and the capacity is now raised to 6,000 t with a constant increase in the quality of sugar. Reconstructions were performed in 1956, expanding capacity of waste cells, which increased the production capacity of 1,500 tons per day. This procedure was carried out by investment professionals Sladorana.

Year 1962 installation of a new tower for the extraction; a device for cleaning the juice of the new centrifuges, increased capacity of lime, drying of beet pulp, boiler to produce steam and a storage area for sugar beet pulp, this is a reconstruction designed by a German company BMA Hannover, so it is with local companies „Đuro Đaković“from Slavonski  Brod and „Tehnike“ from Zagreb and participated in the assembly. This is a reconstruction of the increased capacity of 3,000 tons per day.

Year 1964 there are two types of Lucks silos, each with capacity of 8300 tons, and that same year he purchased and installed a machine for packing kilsko "Hesser".

Year 1977 built a lime kiln, "Eberhart" incorporated three presses for pulp molding "Stord" 2 Drum drying BMA drive crude oil and pneumatic equipment dry noodles in warehouse capacity was raised to 4,500 tons per day.

Year 1989 prior to reconstruction is not finished and continued investments have been installed "Silver Weibull," Drum cutters for sugar beet pulp "Putsch" rock catcher "Sokolov" two vacuum filters and two presses leaching pulp "ZVU" and technological break pelleting sugar beet pulp, "Simon Hesse "

Year 1996 introduced the gasification

Year 1998 investments were made in a factory purchased two Italian boiler type CCT, which was eliminated bottlenecks and capacity was increased to 5,000 t per day.

Year 2003 built a new silo capacity of 50,000 tons, and the reconstruction of the extraction plant which has the capacity was raised to 6,000 tons per day.

Year 2004 has invested in a vacuum filters carbonization sludge

Year 1958 within the plant begins to operate and drive the production of alcohol, which is a daily processing capacity of 3000 liters per day.

The factory is in its history several times changed its form of ownership, in 1994 conducted the first privatization of which the outcome was a return to the factory in majority state ownership on the basis of takeover debt.

Government on 10 July 2008 decided to call a public call for tenders to purchase shares of Sladorana Inc. Županja.

Also the Government at its session held  on 10 July 2008 has made decision on accepting the offer the company Viro sugar factory Inc, Virovitica to purchase shares of Sladorana Inc., Županja.

Pursuant to the Agreement on the sale and transfer of shares Sladorana Inc. Signed on 28 November 2008 between Viro factory Inc.. Virovitica and DAB represented by HFP,Viro sugar factory Inc., became the owner of 38.115% of the total share capital.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Statute of the General Assembly on authorization to increase share capital through authorized share capital,the company is 23 December 2009 decided   to increase the share capital so Viro sugar factory Inc became the majority owner  Sladoredane Inc  Županja with 59,06%

Year 2009 was marked by a large investment in assets during the year was invested about 47 mil, while maintaining spent about 22.5 mil kn.

In year 2010 continue investing in the modernization drive and remove bottlenecks. The planned amount of investment in 2010. and amounts to about 42 million and 20 million kuna has been invested to maintain the factory.

Of greater investment is necessary to allocate:

  • maintenance activities, spent approx 20 mil kn
  • crystal base - reconstruction of the refinery
  • filtomat filtering syrup
  • reconstruction of the truck unloading
  • drum cutters,
  • Knife Sharpener, etc.
  • Batch scales

Reform of the EU sugar market, which feels and Croatian market, the task is Sladorana in production together with producers of sugar beet significantly reduce costs, while working to improve the quality competitiveness of the EU sugar market. In the framework of development and restructuring of the Company and improving overall relations, the principles of free markets, business and customer orientation has been introduced in Sladorana Inc. „Quality management system by norm ISO 9001:2000“. ISO certificate Sladorana  owns from May 2006 and it is first Croatian sugar factory with ISO certification.Sladorana meets the requirements hygiene package covered by the Food and holds HACCP certification. Except for the above Sladorana  has Kosher and Halal certified.

Constant investment in production facilities and personnel Sladorana Inc. trying to respond to the challenges of the environment becomes more complex. Introducing new products to proactively include the market, so the year 2009 began preparations for the manufacture of a mixture called molasses Sladoliq which was launched in early 2010. and that the market is well accepted. Sladoliq is the only domestic liquid supplementary feed intended for ruminant feeding, it improves quality and increases the amount of produced milk. The basic ingredient for the production Sladoliqa the molasses which is now used to Sladorana ust as a raw material for alcohol production, while Western countries over 60% of molasses used in feed livestock.Sladorana Inc  now produces white crystal sugar Sladonija, refined ethyl alcohol, protein no active yeast powder, sugar beet molasses ,Sladoliq - the only national supplementary liquid feed and sugar beet.

The management board consists of Dražen Robić as Chairman of the Board,Željo Zadro as Board member


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