Environmental policy

In accordance with business plan organization Sladorana d.o.o. brings Environmental policy, with the aim of reaching all requirements of the legislation, protection of biological environment and reduces the negative environmental impact.          

In our activities and processes we analyse all aspects of the environment and evaluate their significance impact on the environment. For the significant environmental aspects are made adequate plans and programs to preserve environmental.  

The legislation is continuously monitored and takes the necessary actions to urgent alignment with legislation in all areas.

In the case of incidents related to the environment we will take all necessary and legally mandated activities to remove incidental situation and diminish adverse effects in the environment. Besides this we will take all necessary steps to research the causes and eliminate the causes of the incident as the same would  not be repeated.

Continuous education of employees participating in environmental protection will be provided.

The implementation of work process and the entire business of the Company includes a commitment to continual improvement of environmental protection and prevention of negative effects on the environment..

Particular importance dedicates to suppliers selection and therefore in suppliers selection will be prefer those who take care of environment.  

The implementation of Environmental policy is the continued obligation of all employees.

Environmental policy will be supported and achieved by measurable aims and through Management evaluation continuously evaluates appropriateness of the Environmental policy.   

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