The policy of quality and food safety

„Sladorana“d.o.o. is a leading manufacturer of sugar, alcohol and sugar beet pulp.

Overall business approach and course of business of the Company is based on the principles of ISO 9001:2008, legislation and EU directives.

Food safety system in accordance with the FSSC 22000:2010 is based on the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 and prerequisite programs according to PAS 220:2008.

Great attention is taken to suppliers along with continuous control of raw materials.

Within the quality management system is applied self-control and monitoring according to the principles of HACCP to ensure the quality and product safety.

We are committed to continuously improvement of the quality and food safety system by using and maintaining all necessary actions in accordance with the principles of HACCP.

We provide information to the customers about System information and all the necessary information about our products.

Continuously care about employees and their education, development of new knowledge and skills in the field of quality and food safety.

By measurable targets we will support and implement the policy of quality and food safety   and continuously evaluate the adequacy of policy through the Management Board Review

The business center of attention are primarily customers, this commitment is focused in specific segments of consumers by fulfilling requirements by the standards of Halal and Kosher

The Company is committed to publish, implement and maintain a policy of quality and food safety at all levels of society.

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